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When in search of controversial, great vocals, powerful messages, you never go wrong with Pink.

So that is why we also chose to start our week with one amazing song by Pink – Perfect.

Alecia Beth Moore, by her stage name Pink, was born in September 1979 and has been active as a singer and songwriter since 1995.

Her debut album – Can’t Take Me Home was an absolute success, certified double-platinum in the US and brought us two great songs of her – There You Go and Most Girls.

She sings mainly pop, R&B and pop-rock, always having a punk attitude and dressing style, with pink hair which became her signature.

The free Perfect piano sheet music was released for the artist’s hits album – Greatest Hits…So Far!!! – 2010.

The song was released in December 2010, through Jive Records, as a pop music genre song, and embraced unexpected success from the critics and public.

The story behind the free Perfect piano sheets is about how to accept each other for our true identities, and stop searching for the "perfect" which does not exist and makes us so unhappy and missing a lot of great and important things in life.

The song garnered a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Solo Performance, peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, Canada, New Zealand and Poland.

The song became Pink’s eleventh top-ten single in the US and in 2011 was ranked at number 14 on the Top 40 Year-End Chart.

With a length of 3:33 minutes, the song was written by Pink, Max Martin, Shellback and produced by the last two.

Perfect was written in the key of G major in common time with a tempo of 92 beats per minute and Pink’s vocal range spanning from G3 to D5.

The music video made for the song was premiered on January 19, 2011, and it features Tina Majorino in the main role and was directed by Dave Meyers.

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Perfect - Pink piano tutorial

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