Willie Nelson - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain sheet music

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain is one of the most romantic songs of the 70s.

The song, written by Fred Rose and produced by Willie Nelson, was released in July 1975 as part of Willie Nelson’s album named Red Headed Stranger.

Nelson is an American artist, acting as a musician, actor, and activist from 1956 until the present.

He is active in the world of country music and his work is appreciated to be art.

Released as a country song, the free Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain piano sheets were covered by many famous artists, like for example Floyd Cramer, Olivia Newton-John in 1976, Ken Kincaid, or Willie Nelson with Shania Twain in 2003.

The interesting fact about the song is that it was also covered by Elvis Presley – 1976, as the last song he played before he died, in the early morning of 16th of August, 1977.

The song has on its B-side the song Bandera and was released under the Columbia label.

The song became Willie Nelson’s first number one hit as a singer, the third-biggest song of 1975 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles.

In 2004 was ranked by Rolling Stone number 302 on the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

The country song has also a music video, created in 1986, to promote the motion picture adaptation of the song.

The video is a lovely country motion, representing the artist looking into a fire in the woods, reminiscing all his memories with his loved one.

This amazing but still somber free Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain piano sheet music sends the sorrow of the goodbye kiss between the two lovers who know they will not see each other again.

The last hope the artist has is to meet the love of his life again in heaven.

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Piano tutorial and cover

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - Willie Nelson piano tutorial

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