Imagine Dragons - Warriors sheet music

What a beautiful and magical name to choose when you form a band – Imagine Dragons is an American pop rock group, formed in Las Vegas.

It consists of Dan Reynolds – in charge of the vocals, Wayne Sermon – guitarist, Ben McKee – bassist, and Daniel Platzman – drummer.

They have been active since 2008 and sing mostly electropop, pop-rock, indie pop, and alternative rock.

The song we are going to talk about today – Warriors - belongs to the album named The Divergent Series: Insurgent – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which was released in September 2012.

The free Warriors piano sheet music was used by Riot Games for the music video League of Legends 2014 World Championship, and was the official theme song for the Series WWE Survivor, in 2015.

In 2020, the song was used by Edda Hayes and 2WEI for the Season 2020 Cinematic of League of Legends.

The music video of the song had enormous success online, with more than 200 million views.

The video had enormous success, being used by many artists and producers in their work, and it is considered an anthem for the struggle of players getting to pro and getting to LCS/Worlds.

Over the years, many interpretations of the free Warriors piano sheets appeared, being considered one of the most inspirational songs, mainly because of its theme, saying to follow your dreams even if maybe at some point you might fail, the message is that you should not give up your dreams.

The song also wants to say that when you grow older, smarter, you rise above the rest and accomplish your goals, through which you can change the world.

So, dreaming big and always wanting big things will get you to the right place, if you never give up.

With such a message and melodic line, we decided to put at your disposal all the materials you need to learn playing Warriors at your piano at home.

Piano tutorial and cover

Warriors - Imagine Dragons piano tutorial

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