Patrick Swayze - She's Like The Wind (Dirty Dancing) sheet music

We believe that it is almost impossible for anyone reading today’s article, to not know one of the most famous movies ever – Dirty Dancing.

This is why we chose this song to refer to, as it is part of an amazing project.

She's Like The Wind is part of the movie’s soundtrack and was interpreted by Patrick Swayze.

He received the Golden Globe Award for Dirty Dancing in 1987 and he wrote She's like the Wind, for which was awarded the Rolex Dance Award in 2012.

She's Like The Wind is a song written by Patrick Swayze and Stacy Widelitz in November 1986 and released in December 1987, as part of the album named Dirty Dancing: Original Soundtrack from the Vestron Motion Picture, for the movie Dirty Dancing.

The free She's like the Wind piano sheet music has a length of 3:49 minutes and is considered part of the Soft rock music genre.

Once released, She's like the Wind got straight into the top of the charts, as follows: number 1 in Canada, number 4 in Ireland, and number 6 in Australia.

It also reached number three on the US Billboard Hot 100, and number 1 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

The song was absolutely loved by the public and critics and it was more appreciated after the release of the movie.

Many famous artists covered She's like the Wind, for example, Vibekingz featuring Maliq in 2002, Lumidee featuring Tony Sunshine in 2007, Ultrabeat in 2008, and also Jan Wayne, in his album named Back Again.

The interesting fact about the free She's Like The Wind piano sheets is that it was initially written for another movie – Grandview, U.S.A, but it was not used for that, instead, being part of the Soundtrack album of Dirty Dancing.

The musical masterpiece has also a music video, made in black and white, featuring short clips from the movie.

The song also has a music video directed by Dayo, made for Lumidee’s version of the song, in 2007.

Piano tutorial and cover

She's Like The Wind (Dirty Dancing) - Patrick Swayze piano tutorial

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