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Michael Johnson was an American singer, taking good care of the very nice music genres rock, pop, country, and folk.

He was born in August 1944 and left us in July 2017 and he is known for his great hit song Bluer Than Blue.

He was also a very talented songwriter, producer, actor, and writer and he played classical guitar, acoustic guitar, and piano.

His love for music was so intense and he started playing the guitar during his teenage years.

Bluer Than Blue is the song that made him famous. Released in April 1978, as part of the album named The Michael Johnson Album, the song has a length of 2:59 minutes and belongs to the soft rock genre, under EMI America label.

The story behind the free Bluer Than Blue piano sheet music is about a man who was in a failing relationship and was trying to convince himself that his situation will be better when his lover will move on.

The efforts and hopes were clearly ineffective, as you can see even from the song title and the lyrics.

Losing someone dear or a relationship will never be easy, and songs like Bluer Than Blue will help people have their mourning time.

The song had a big success, being Michael’s first Top 40 hit, also reaching number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1978, and number 10 on the Cash Box chart.

The song’s success is still all over the TV channels and radio stations nowadays.

Bluer Than Blue was well received by the critics also, being considered a high potential song.

The song was also covered by other artists after its release, like Anita Sarawak in 1970, Ruby Wilson in 1981, or Barry Manilow in 1996.

The song is, as you may expect, a very sad one and blue. The lyrics are simple and the instruments present in the songline are guitar, piano, and voice.

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