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Cat Stevens, by his real name Steven Demetre Georgiou, is a British singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist.

His music is very appreciated in the style of folk, pop, rock, and Islamic. He plays the guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, and Mellotron.

His debut song was in 1967 and he reached the top ten in the UK charts with the title song Matthew and Son.

He also included a version of the Morning Has Broken hymn in his album named Teaser and the Firecat in 1971.

Morning Has Broken is a Christian hymn first published in 1931, written by the English author Eleanor Farjeon.

The song was inspired by the village of Alfriston, from East Sussex, and then set to a traditional Scottish Gaelic tune, Bunessan.

The free Morning Has Broken piano sheet music is often sung in children’s services and in funeral services.

Morning Has Broken became identified with Cat Stevens due to the popularity of this recording from his album.

The song reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100, and many other charts like number four on the Canadian RPM magazine charts and on the U.S. easy listening chart in 1972.

If you want to know more about the origins of the hymn, please find out that it originally appeared in the second edition of the Songs of Praise. The scope of the hymn was to give thanks for each day, praying for everything good for everyone, mostly for the children.

The reason the hymn was often attributed to Cat Stevens is that he wrote credit for Morning Has Broke, fact that led to people knowing the song as its own.

His version is also known for the piano arrangement on Cat’s recording, performed by Rick Wakeman, an English keyboardist who joined the progressive rock band named Yes soon after that.

The story behind Cat’s version is very funny, as he first recorded the hymn at about 45 seconds in its basic form. He was soon advised to change it for at least three minutes so it can be included on the album.

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