Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms sheet music

It is such a pleasure to write about a song by Dire Straits. They were a British band, defined by the rock music genre.

Dire Straits was formed in London in 1977 by their leader Mark Knopfler, in charge of the leading vocals and guitar.

Together with Mark was David Knopfler, in charge of the rhythm guitar and backing vocals, John Illsley with the bass guitar, and Pick Withers in charge of drums and percussion.

Dire Straits were active from 1977 to 1995 and they are one of the world’s best-selling music artists, having sold more than 100 million albums.

Brothers In Arms is one of their amazing songs, released in October 1985, as part of their fifth studio album named Brothers In Arms, same as the song.

The song has a length of 6:58 second in the original full version, but you can also find it in 6:05 minutes in the edited version.

It belongs to the soft rock music genre and it was released under the Vertigo label.

The song was also used in media for movies, TV series, and shows, for example, Out Where the Buses Don’t Run episode of Miami Vice, The Wet Wing TV show, or Spy Game in 2001.

It was also covered by many artists like Gregorian, Joan Baez in 1987, Metallica in 2007, or Ryan Kelly in 2008.

Brothers In Arms was written in 1982 by Mark Knopfler and produced by Neil Dorfsman and Mark Knopfler. The idea of the song referred to the people involved in the Falklands War and Brothers In Arms became a favorite at military funerals.

The free Brothers In Arms piano sheet music is a very melancholic and sad song, mainly because of its theme, which inspires an anti-war song. The song describes the soldiers’ experience in wartime and their need for brothers, humanity, and solidarity.

Brothers In Arms is sung by a soldier who dies on the battlefield, so the tone of the song is very sad, and also the selection of instruments is very deep and dramatic.

The music video of Brothers In Arms uses rotoscoping and shows Dire Straits performing, overlaying images of the First World War.

The video had an amazing success and won Grammy Award for Best Music Video in February 1987.

Looking into the free Brothers In Arms piano sheets composition, we will be amazed by the incredible guitar, deep spirit, and instruments.

We can enjoy guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and drums, in an amazing and unique combination.

It would be a great idea if you tried to play it at your piano at home, so please feel free to use all the information you can find on our website and let us know your opinion afterward.

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