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Today we are talking about a very funny and interesting band – Wheatus. They are an American rock band, formed in 1995.

The band consists of seven members, Brendan Brown in charge with the vocals, Matthew Milligan with the bass, Brandon Ticer at the keyboards, Gabrielle Aimée Sterbenz also in charge with the vocals, Leo Freire with the drums, Joey Slater with the backing vocals, and Karlie Bruce, with the backing vocals.

They are still active in the present and their most famous song is Teenage Dirtbag.

The song was released in July 2000 and is part of their album named Wheatus. Teenage Dirtbag has a length of 4:07 minutes in its original version and belongs to the pop-rock genre.

Released under the Columbia Label, Teenage Dirtbag was written by Brendan Brown and produced by Wheatus.

When released, the song achieved unimaginable success in Australia and many other countries, spending more than four weeks as number one, being certified three times Platinum, and being one of the best selling singles of 2000.

The song has sold 6 million copies worldwide.

Teenage Dirtbag has been very well received by the public and critics and it has been used in media on many occasions: TV commercials, movies, or TV shows.

Looking into its music composition, the song has a great melody, fun, and joy-full, with a multitude of elements in it: vocals, guitar, bass, and drums.

The free Teenage Dirtbag piano sheet music was inspired by the childhood experiences of Brendan Brown, as he said:

It came from the summer of 1984 on Long Island when I was 10 years old

And he also explained the chorus saying:

Yeah, f*** you if you don't like it. Just because I like AC/DC doesn't mean I'm a devil worshipper, and you're an i***t.

The song has a great rhythm and it makes you feel the youth in your veins, the life, and the clueless happiness of teen ages.

The music video of Teenage Dirtbag is based on the movie named Loser and has Jason Biggs as a nerdy character.

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