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Amazing Elton John gives us a song that we hope you are about to try playing at your piano at home, named Nikita.

Elton John is an English artist, wonderful pianist and singer, songwriter, who collaborated with Bernie Taupin for more than 30 albums.

Elton John is a worldwide known artist, with over 300 million records sold, as he is one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Nikita is a love song written and composed by Elton John, as part of his 1985 album named Ice on Fire.

The successful song has been released in October 1985, with a length of 5:44 minutes in its original version.

The free Nikita piano sheet music was a top ten hit in many countries all over the world. The story of Nikita song is about a crush of the artist on a person called exactly Nikita.

The song features George Michael on backing vocals and Nik Kershaw playing the guitar. Nikita was composed in the key of G major in 4/4 time and employs a verse-chorus-verse in its wonderful composition.

The music video for Nikita was directed by Ken Russel and shows various scenes of the two lovers together in many happy situations.

The problem with the name of the song was that in Russian it is a male name and that was a problem at the time, taking into consideration the sexual preferences of the artist.

When taking a look into the free Nikita piano sheets composition, we can find elements like vocals – Elton John, drums and percussion – Dave Mattacks, bass – David Paton, and electric guitar – Nik Kershaw.

The song was covered by many famous artists over the years and it was even covered in other languages, for example, Carlos Javier Beltran released a Spanish version in 1986.

If you want to try playing Nikita at your piano at home, you can find all the information you need for your support on our website.

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Nikita - Elton John piano tutorial

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