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An amazing voice in the world of music, Roy Orbison was an American artist, born in April 1936 in Texas.

He was a singer, songwriter, and musician and he was best known for his passionate way of singing emotional ballads.

He plays vocals, guitar, and harmonica.

Roy Orbison was described as the Caruso of Rock and he was known for his shyness and stage fright, which he was trying to hide by wearing his dark sunglasses.

In June 1989, Roy Orbison released California Blue, a country-rock- pop single, written by him, Jeff Lynne, and Tom Petty.

The free California Blue piano sheet music is part of the album Mystery Girl, has 3 minutes and 48 seconds in length, and it is a very mild and romantic song.

It was recorded in 1988 at Mike Campbell’s garage in LA and released one year later.

The song is featured in the movie Blue Velvet, by Dean Stockwell.

California Blue reached number 51 on the Billboard Country Music Charts in June 1989 and it had a follow-up after Roy’s death, called In the Real World, on his album named Mystery Girl.

The story behind the lyrics is that the song came to Orbison one night in his dreams and he wrote the music the next morning.

California Blue has a very interesting music composition, with special instrumentation.

The instruments that draw our attention in the free California Blue piano sheets are the vocals, the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar and keyboards, the bass guitar, drums, and the mandolin.

The song has been covered by some famous artists and has been used in media and compilation albums.

It is a love song that you can still hear on the radio nowadays.

The important fact is that you can find all the information you need on our website so that you can try playing California Blue at your piano at home.

Piano tutorial and cover

California Blue - Roy Orbison piano tutorial

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