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When I was a kid, I loved special things, special sounds, and of course, special voices.

This is how I got to love Anouk, whose voice is among the most special ones in the world of music.

Anouk is a Dutch artist, singer, and songwriter, born in The Hague, Netherlands.

She sings mostly alternative rock, pop-rock, and R&B and she started her career in 1996.

Early at the beginning of her career, Anouk had a breakthrough with the single Nobody's Wife, a song after which she had many singles on top of the charts.

Nobody's Wife is her first number one hit, released in 1997.

The song is written by Satindra Kalpoe, Anouk Teeuwe, and Bart van Veen and composed by George Kooymans, Barry Hay, and John Sonneveld.

The free Nobody's Wife piano sheet music has a length of 3:25 minutes in its album version and it belongs to the rock and pop music genres.

It is written in the key of F# major and has a tempo of 98 beats per minute and is considered to be a rock ballad.

Looking into its music composition, the song presents instruments like guitar, vocals, drums, and bass.

The song reached number two on both the Dutch Top 40 and the Single Top 100 charts.

The song had great success in Europe, mostly in the Nordic countries.

Nobody's Wife was very well received by the critics and the public, with amazing success in the media.

Nobody's Wife has also a music video, shot in black and white, featuring Anouk dancing and singing.

She has a specific voice, easily recognizable and so loved by the public.

Her voice is also the way she transmits power and self-trust, which combines very well with the song theme.

You can easily try playing the free Nobody's Wife piano sheets with the help of our website and enjoy the power of the song, which is so unique.

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Nobody's Wife - Anouk piano tutorial

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