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Edith Piaf, born under the real name Edith Giovanna Gassion, was born in December 1915 and left us in October 1963.

She was an amazing French artist, mainly singer and songwriter, but also a cabaret performer and actress.

Piaf was considered to be France’s national chanteuse and the most famous French international star.

Her career was active between the years 1935 and 1963, and she sang mostly cabaret, torch songs, chanson, and musical theatre.

One of her most loved and popular songs over the years is La Vie en Rose, a signature song by Edith Piaf.

The song was written in 1945 by Edith Piaf and Marguerite Monnot and was released in 1947.

La Vie en Rose is part of the album named Chansons Parisiennes, is a very popular song and became so popular starting with 1950, with seven different versions reaching the Billboard charts.

It is an amazing song, so beautiful and full of positive hope, as everybody needs in the everyday life.

The actual translation of the free La Vie en Rose piano sheets can be "Life in happy rules" or "Life seen through happy lenses".

The English lyrics were written by Mack David and after that, many versions were recorded in the US in 1950.

La Vie en Rose was covered by some famous singers like Tony Martin, Paul Weston, Bing Crosby, Ralph Flanagan, Victor Young, Dean Martin, and Louis Armstrong.

Their versions of the song were amazing, popular, and won many prizes.

Another worldwide successful version was the one by Grace Jones, in 1977.

The music video of the free La Vie en Rose piano sheet music was made using the chroma key technique and it shows Grace Jones dancing and singing the song with a famous montage picture of herself in the background.

La Vie en Rose was used many times in media, over the years, like in the movie Stage Fright in 1950, Sabrina in 1954, French Kiss in 1995, and also in games, literature, TV, and commercials.

We fully recommend you to listen to it every time you can even try playing it on your piano, as it is an amazing song that brings hope and good energy to your life.

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