Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone - City of Stars (La La Land soundtrack) sheet music

"City of Stars" is a wonderful song, composed by Justin Hurwitz and performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, in the well-known movie named "La La Land", from 2016.

The song of course, won a lot of awards, among which we can mention the one for the Best Original Song – at the 74th Golden Globe Awards.

The interpretation from the movie it is as it follows: first time it is sung by Ryan alone, in the character of "Sebastian", during his dance on the Hermosa Beach. Then, the song is sung by him and "Mia", the character that Emma played.

Of course, everyone asks if the actors (Ryan and Emma) really sang the song themselves. The answer is yes, they did and it was quite amazing!

The inspiration of the song came from Justin Hurwitz, who said that he started playing it at the piano, and felt like it was sparkling.

He felt the composition was from the heart, emotional and melancholic at the same time. Never leaving hope out, Justin said that when you listen to "City of Stars", you could have a wonderful relaxing time, thinking about great moments in life.

Looking into the composition, the song it is in the key of F# minor includes elements like piano, jazz inflections, vocal and guitar. It is jazzy, but many people say they don’t feel that when listening to the song.

The song should be played at a tempo of 98 BPM.

Many well-known singers made covers after the song, like Shane McCormack, Llyod Macey, or Gavin James.

Of course, it is an iconic movie and song, and you already may know that "City of Stars" is known to be Los Angeles. The nickname comes from the shiny, bright and amazing lights and nature of Hollywood.

Try playing City of Stars free piano sheets from La La Land on your piano, with the help of our website, and you will be amazed by its sound!

Piano tutorial and cover

City of Stars (La La Land soundtrack) - Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone piano tutorial

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