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Such beautiful instruments and lyrics are mixed in one of the most well known hits from The Beatles, Love Me Do.

Love Me Do is actually the debut song by the Beatles, written by Lennon McCartney and released on 5th of October 1962.

It was written long ago it was recorder, actually, and long before the Beatles happened.

The song was recorded in three different versions by the Beatles, each of them with another drummer.

Lennon says about the single that it is Paul McCartney’s song, as he wrote it long ago before they became songwriters or the Beatles.

The version included in the Beatles’ debut UK album was the Andy White version, which was included in other events and albums, like "Rarities", "Past Masters" or "Mono Masters".

The single peaked directly at number 17 in the United Kingdom, and in the United States became number one hit in 1964.

Love Me Do was the band’s first hit, based around three simple chords, and the main instruments we can find here are acoustic guitar, drums, bass, harmonica, tambourine and vocals.

It has an amazing history and because it was their first hit, I believe it has a special place in everybody’s heart.

It remains an all-time record on the US charts, but not only. You should try the Love Me Do free piano sheets right away. They are amazing.

One interesting thing about the song that I believe you should find out is that the original master tape with the first version is missing, because the standard procedure from Abbey Road Studios at that time was to erase the original tapes once they mixed it, but the mixed down copy has also been lost, with no back-ups done.

Main characters from the original version, part of the "Rarities" album, are Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrinson and Ringo Starr.

Then, for the other versions, they had Andy White for drums and Pete Best.

Love Me Do has many covers; I will give you some examples: Dick Hyman, David Bowie, Daniel Johnston or Madooo.

If you are a Beatles’ fan, you should not let this song pass by. Try playing the Love Me Do free piano sheet music on your piano, with the help of our website!

Piano tutorial and cover

Love Me Do - The Beatles piano tutorial

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