Vanessa Williams - Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas soundtrack) sheet music

Do you remember Pocahontas?

Was it way back when you saw it, or it is just yesterday?

Today we are going to talk about Pocahontas soundtrack - Colors of the Wind.

The song was interpreted by Vanessa Williams, who is an American singer, actress, and songwriter.

She got famous when she was crowned Miss America in 1984 in 1983.

The singer has a unique and amazing voice, and her version of Colors of the Wind is just irreplaceable.

The free Colors of the Wind piano sheet music was actually written by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz and was produced by Alan Menken.

The song has a length of 3:34 minutes in its original version and was released as the soundtrack of the 1995 cartoon movie Pocahontas, as part of the album named Pocahontas: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack.

The song was released as a pop ballad and the story behind the lyrics is about animism, loving nature, and has been compared to transcendentalist literature and New Age spirituality.

Vanessa William’s version is 4:17 long.

When released, the free Colors of the Wind piano sheets were very well received by the public and critics, some saying that it is one of the best songs from a Disney movie.

The interesting thing about the song is that it is very different from the music from other Disney films and that it was inspired by the music of Oscar Hammerstein II and Sheldon Harnick, considering the prejudice issues.

The composition of the song said that it was:

born out of the modality of Native American quickly moved to its place, which is hard to define

When looking into the song’s composition, we can see that it has a variety of instruments, enchanting our senses: keyboards, bass, drums, synthesizers, guitar, flute, orchestra, and vocals.

The song combines a beautiful synergy and it brings a unique energy.

You can now use all the materials from our website to try playing Colors of the Wind at your piano at home.

Piano tutorial and cover

Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas soundtrack) - Vanessa Williams piano tutorial

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