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Reality is a song interpreted by Lost Frequency, by his real name Felix De Laet.

He is a Belgian DJ and record producer, famous for his hits Are You with Me – 2014 and Reality – 2015.

He mixes mainly deep house and tropical house music genres and has been active in the music world since 2014.

Reality is written by Felix de Laet, Janieck van de Polder and Radboud Miedema, and was produced by Lost Frequencies and Radboud Miedema.

The song features Janieck Devy, and was released in May 2015 as part of the album named Less is More.

The song has a length of 2:38 minutes, is considered a tropical house song, and features vocals by the Dutch singer Janieck Devy.

The free Reality piano sheet music became available for digital download on the 18th of May 2015.

It had amazing success, topping the charts in more than 10 countries, like Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, and many more.

Reality has an amazing summer vibe, sending a good and addictive feeling, being the reason why it gained so many fans.

The story behind the lyrics of the free Reality piano sheets is about decisions, beliefs, and about how we rise and fall in life:

Make me feel the warmth, make me feel the cold

It's written in our stories, it's written on the walls

This is our call, we rise and we fall

Dancing in the moonlight, don't we have it all?

The author of Reality wants to send the important message that he prefers to be happy with what he sees every day, rather than asking unnecessary questions.

It is a highly recommended song for the piano, and this is why we put everything you need, on our website.

You can try playing Reality at your piano, and come back with your feedback.

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Reality - Lost Frequencies piano tutorial

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