Quincy Jones - Miss Celie's Blues (Sister) sheet music

Miss Celie's Blues is a slow blues with a lot of soul. It was composed by Quincy Jones (American music impresario, musical arranger, record producer and film composer) and Rod Temperton (British songwriter, record producer and musician).

The lyrics were written by Quincy Jones, Rod Temperton and Lionel Richie (musician).

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The song is interpreted in the film by Tata Vega, a very gifted vocalist who performed the voice of Shug Avery and sang four of the songs in the movie, Miss Celie's Blues being one of them.

She was nominated for a Best Song category award at the Oscars for her contribution on the movie's songs. Her style is warm and pleasant as she gives a personal note to all her music. Later during her career she signed a contract with Quincy Jones (1998) and he produced a successful gospel album for her.

Miss Celie's Blues brought Jones an Oscar nominalization as the co-writer of the song. With the song, Jones gained a place into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame winning the Ahmet Ertegun Award (2013). He was also named by the Times Magazine as one of the

"most influential jazz musicians of the 20th century".

After that, the song received the Best Original Song award.

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