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The Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne debuted in 2002, with the single called "Complicated", which later became one of her most successful songs, being well received and appreciated all over the world.

The song was included on her debut album, "Let Go" in 2002.

To its creation contributed not only Avril, but also the members of the band The Matrix, who were also the producers of the song.

It placed the artist from the beginning on top positions in charts, brought her appreciation not only from the very enthusiastic fans, but also from the critics of the industry.

"Complicated" recorded a high success in Australia, where it peaked at number one for no less than six weeks, in New Zealand, in Mexico and it was placed on the second position on the Billboard Hot 100 and the third position in the UK.

Taking a look at all of her songs, this seems to be, considering the charts performances, Avril’s second most successful single, after "Girlfriend", being also one of the most successful singles of that year.

The "Complicated" piano sheet is also fascinating when played and it is worth to try at least listen to.

Another record held by the single is represented by the fact that it held the number one spot on the Adult Top 40 chart consecutively for 16 weeks and it received also two nominations for the Grammy Award for Song of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, events that contributed a lot to Avril’s success and fame and inspiring the young artist.

Regarding the meaning of the song, it is about people being fake, turning into somebody else and wearing a mask only to be well seen by the others, behaviors that Avril does not agree with, according to her statements. The lyrics are great, but, as you can observe in it's sheet, the notes are also impressive.

From the point of view of the sales registered, "Complicated" has sold, until 2013, almost a million digital copies only in the US.

It has shipped over 100,000 copies in Canada, where it has been certified platinum and gold by the CRIA.

This song, has also been certified platinum in Australia, two times.

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Complicated - Avril Lavigne piano tutorial

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