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Throughout the long and shining career he had, Lionel Richie has succeeded in receiving endless appreciation for his amazing talent in writing and performing numerous beautiful songs.

Lionel Richie is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and TV judge.

He became famous in the 1970s as a songwriter and the co-lead singer of funk band the Commodores.

Among his best songs, we can name Easy, Sail On, Three Times a Lady, Endless Love, and Still.

The free Endless Love piano sheet music and the charming song by Lionel Richie are now available on our website, and you can happily try it at your piano at home.

It was released in June 1981 as an R&B song and it had incredible success.

The song, as mentioned above, was written by Lionel Richie and it was recorded for the first time as a duet of the writer together with soul singer Diana Ross.

Considering its rhythm and story, the free Endless Love piano sheets is a ballad in which two people show they share the same feelings for one another, putting a lot of accent on the depth of these special and real feelings.

As the song is well known and widely appreciated, there were created numerous covers, by artists like Mariah Carey and soul singer Luther Vandross and even Kenny Rogers.

The original duet represented a high success, being seen as the greatest song duet of all time, according to Billboard.

The masterpiece was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

It appears in Franco Zeffirelli’s film with a similar name and it may be also found as a single released from the film’s soundtrack in 1981.

Even though they came together, it seems the public opinion was not similar, considering the fact that the film did not receive good feedback and was not qualified as a good movie, in contrast with the song, which was placed among the best creations of that time, becoming the second biggest-selling single of the year in the United States.

It was also positioned in the first place in the Hot 100 for nine weeks.

In addition, Endless Love got to the top on the Billboard R&B chart and on the Adult Contemporary chart, things that contributed to the fame its writer earned.

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