Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me sheet music

Among the large number of great creations belonging to Celine Dion, you may find one of the most beautiful songs ever, performed in a charming manner by the Canadian singer. The song is called "Because You Loved Me" and here you can find the song's free piano sheet.

The song released as a single on February 19, 1996, was first included on her twenty-first studio album, called "Falling into You", having as producer David Foster and writer of the lyrics Diane Warren.

As a genre, "Because You Loved Me" may be perceived as a pop ballad, having a down-tempo, being centered on the thanks addressed by a person to another for all the encouragement, protection, affection, attention and proofs of love she received throughout her life, emphasizing the contribution that person had to her development in time.

"Because You Loved Me" may help you understand how to express such feelings by only using gentle piano notes. According to the writer of the lyrics, Diane Warren, the song was built as a gratitude to her father.

Used as the theme song in the 1996 film "Up Close & Personal", the song became a really high success especially from a commercial point of view, placing Celine Dion to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for no less than six weeks, thing that says a lot not only about the quality and depth the lyrics have, but also about Celine’s voice and well fit notes which can be also listened when playing the "Because You Loved Me" piano sheet.

The beautiful song in included in the albums "All the Way…A Decade of Song" of 1999 and "My Love: Essential Collection" of 2008.

Remarkable are also the singer’s live performances, especially the ones included on the CD "A New Day…Live in Las Vegas" and "Taking Chances World Tour: The Concert" DVD.

Due to its beauty and soft notes, as you can see on the Because You Loved Me's piano sheet, the original song was covered many times, by artists all over the world, including Spanish versions performed by Milly Quezada, Ana Laura and others.

Having around 1, 5 million physical copies and 700 thousands digital copies sold in the US, the single performed by Celine Dion is certified platinum in the US, two times certified platinum in Australia, platinum in New Zealand, gold in the UK and gold in Germany.

It received numerous awards all over the globe and made Celine earn a lot of success from everywhere, even at the actual moment.

Real, deep and impressive, the "Because You Loved Me" free piano sheet is waiting to be discovered.

Piano tutorial and cover

Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion piano tutorial

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