Cole Porter - You’re The Top sheet music

Cole Albert Porter, born in June 1891, is the composer of the song we are talking about today - You’re The Top.

Cole Porter was an American composer and songwriter, born in Indiana, famous for his wonderful songs, used a lot on Broadway and movies.

Many artists have covered his songs and released entire albums with his art.

His most notable songs are See America First, You’ll Never Get Rich, Something for the Boys or You’re The Top.

You’re The Top is a song written and composed by him, released in 1934.

The song was released for the 1934 musical movie named Anything Goes, about a couple complimenting each other.

The free You’re The Top piano sheet music had amazing success, being covered by many artists over the years.

For example, Paul Whiteman’s version made the top five and was the most successful cover of the song.

Bing Crosby sang it with Ethel Merman in 1936, Barbra Streisand with Ryan O’Neal in 1972, and many others. The song was actually a standard at the time.

You’re The Top was loved by the public and critics, the reason why it has been covered in other languages also.

For example, Ana Belen released a Spanish version of the free You’re The Top piano sheets, called Basta ya.

The lyrics are highly appreciated, offering an image about what was highly prized in the ‘30s, also demonstrating Cole’s Porter rhyming ability.

His voice and rhythm from this song are so specific, and the lyrics are lovely, appreciating the lover to be the top, comparing her with one of the best things in the world, like Coliseum, Louvre Museum, a symphony by Strauss, even Mickey mouse.

You’re The Top is a lovely song, full of energy and very funny, and its result was "inundating the newspapers with imitations and parodies".

For sure it will sound great from your piano at home, so don’t hesitate to try playing it, using the material from our website.

Piano tutorial and cover

You’re The Top - Cole Porter piano tutorial

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