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Eleana is a beautiful piano song from Richard Clayderman.

It is part of the studio album Eleana that he initially released in 1987. It was re-released in 1994 as well as in 2000.

It was released in Europe through the album "Delphine". It contained 16 songs that were written and composed by Olivier Toussaint, Paul De Senneville and Jean Baudlot, as part of their longtime collaboration.

Because of their popularity most of the songs became classics and were later included on other 4 compilations.

It also contained a piano solo of "Les Colombes Du Tenere".

The album was produced by Jean Baudlot, Olivier Toussaint and Paul De Senneville. The song was also written, composed and produced by the three.

The album Eleana had other great songs as well, like : "Roses Pastel", "L'heure des Adieux", "Les Colombes Du Tenere", "Colin Mailard", "Boulevard Des Solitudes", "Finlandia", "la Sorellina", "Dernier Printemps", "Dolly", "Les Yeaux Saphir", "Revivre Sa Vie", "Les Poissons Lune" and "Eroica".

The 2000 compilation approached musical styles such as neo classical, keyboards, contemporary instrumental and instrumental pop. The musical genre was easy listening.

Eleana is part of Clayderman's history, and it's one of the albums that promoted him as a modern classic and increased his popularity.

You can learn how to play this beautiful piano ballad by using the free Eleana piano sheet music below.

Piano tutorial and cover

Eleana - Richard Clayderman piano tutorial

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