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"Fairytale" is a song from the Irish composer and pianist, Enya.

It was written and composed by Enya and Roma Ryan. The song is included on the debut album "Enya" which is the soundtrack album for the 1987 documentary "The Celts".

It was initially released in 1987 under the name "Enya" and re-released and remastered as "The Celts", in 1992. All of the songs, including "Fairytale" were recorded at the BBC Enterprises Studios, in Woodlans, London and at the Aigle Studios, in Dublin. The album focuses on the genres new age and celtic.

"Enya" reached number 69 on the UK Albums Chart at the time of its original release. However, the album contains only a limited number of the songs from the ones that the artist wrote for "The Celts".

Another two songs that were not included on the first album were remastered and released in 1992 and 2005: "Spaghetti Western Theme" and "Eclipse". Songs from the album were later used by the filmmaker David Bickley and featured on the documentary "The Memory Of Earth", which was part of the trilogy "Mythological Lands".

Many artists have covered songs of the album throughout the time. The most covered one was "Boadicea" by artists like The Fugees, Mario Winans, P Diddy. Their cover, "I Don't Wanna Know" was a huge hit, promoting Enya's name on the top positions of the most important charts.

Another successful use of the song was made by The Pirates, "You Should Really Know" and by Nina Ski and Angie Martinez on "Time To Go".

"The Celts" was remastered in 1992 by Arun Chakraverty, the same person that remastered the album "The Memory Of Trees". The album sold more than one million copies in the United States where it was certified platinum as well as in the United Kingdom. It was also certified double platinum in Australia, platinum in Brazil, gold in Spain, Germany, Argentina and Japan. It sold more than six million copies throughout the world and appeared on many foreign countries markets.

Besides "Fairytale", it featured beautiful songs like "Epona", "The Celts", "Boadicea", "The Sun In The Stream", "Bard Dance", "To Go Beyond II", "To Go Beyond I", "Dance Of The Celts", "Portrait (Out Of The Blue)", "Aldebaran", "I Want Tomorrow", "Deireadh an Tuath" and "Dan y Dwr".

"Fairytale" was produced by Nicky Ryan.

You can use the Fairytale free piano sheet below to learn how to play one of the album's most beautiful songs.

Piano tutorial and cover

Fairytale - Enya piano tutorial

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