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"Everytime We Touch" is the title of a song by the German group Cascada.

It was featured as a single on their debut album from 2006, titled "Everytime We Touch". Being recorded in December 2004, it was released on a maxi single format on the 16th of August, 2005.

his Eurodance styled song was written by S. Mackillop, P. Risavy and M. Reilly and got released by the label Robbins Entertainment.

Its length is that of 3 minutes and 16 seconds and it was produced by Manuel Reuter and Yann Peifer. After its success in the United States, it was further released by Zooland Records, Universal Music Group and All Around the World and other dance labels.

"Everytime We Touch" has the lyrics of a Europop type of song and the synth vibrations, intertwined with the jackhammer beats, provide a great synergy for a dance song. The Cascada version inspires itself from the Maggie Reilly version, using Reilly’s chorus. The critics have welcomed the song, being a great hit in the United States, both commercially and in the popular culture. It has lasted for over 4 months in different international territories’ charts.

In Sweden and Ireland it even got to the top of the charts. It has also reached top 5 in places such as Austria, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. On the US Billboard Hot 100, it got to the top 10 positions. Once it sold over 1 million times, it got certified Platinum in the United States.

The recording of "Everytime We Touch" took place in Cologne, in Germany, at the Studio Plazmatek. It was finished in Erkrath, at the Erkrath studios of the Studio Plazmatek. Being an uptempo song with kickdrums, drum machines and a 142 BPM, it resembles the techno style as well, as the critics adequately noted. Natalie Horler, the lead vocalist, provided the vocals for "Everytime We Touch".

A rave sound was added once the remixes for it began to appear. On the US maxi single edition, there are eight remix versions. First, there is the Rocco vs. Bass-T Radio Edit, followed by the Dan Winter Radio Edit. A Verano Radio Edit is next, followed by the lengthier Original Mix. The original Rocco vs. Bass-T Remix is also present, as well as the Dan Winter Remix. The last two tracks on this release are the Scarf! Remix and the Verano Remix.

"Everytime We Touch" by Cascada was certified double Platinum in the United States and Sweden and Platinum in Canada and France. Enjoy the free dance music piano sheets on the page!

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