Scott Wesley Brown - He Will Carry You sheet music

"He Will Carry You" is a song by Contemporary Christian Music artist Scott Wesley Brown, born on June 4, 1952 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Brown, having recorded 24 albums for label Sparrow Records, has had songs covered by the likes of artists Pat Boone, Bruce Caroll, Amy Grant or Sandi Patty just to name a few.

The song's lyrics express a clear message, that we should have faith in God and that he will help us do whatever we aim to do and we should not fear life with all of its hardships.

They are telling us that God will help us and we will be pushed from behind by Him to do our jobs on Earth.

A highly religious song by a highly religious man that is a Pastor of SONSHIP Community Church in North County San Diego, the song is a slow tempo song, with a nice piano instrumental that can easily be transitioned into a beautiful and remarkable piano sheet.

Being released on the album "All My Best / The Language of Jesus is Love" in 1988 on the Sparrow Records label, the song has been praised and viewed as a very beautiful faith song by most critics, being a successful song in the USA, sung in church choirs throughout the American population.

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He Will Carry You - Scott Wesley Brown piano tutorial

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