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"All I Want" is the title of a song by a rock group from Ireland called Kodaline. The song was included on their first studio album titled "In a Perfect World".

Initially, the album only contained two singles, the first one being "High Hopes" and the second one "Love Like This". Recorded in 2012, the album was released officially in the summer of 2013.

"All I Want" was initially counted as track number two from the album, from a total of eleven tracks. Being one of the most listened tracks, it received moderately good critics, as did the entire album.

The reviews for the album were mixed, as the mixing of folk influences with the indie rock style of Kodaline was seen as an interesting debut, but not enough to make a mark yet. The Guardian also said about the album that it doesn’t lack emotion and has a nice vocal style to it, but it isn’t that great overall.

Several negative critics were also present, especially for the lack of ideas that the album expressed, and the unoriginally. However, "All I Want" is one of the main attractions from the album, as several critics noted.

After the lead single that charted well, even in places such as the Netherlands or Belgium, the second single was received well in Scotland and the United Kingdom. The third single was released an year after the release of the album and was fairly less successful, both in Ireland, as well as in the United Kingdom.

This third single was called "Brand New Day".

Kodaline attempted to draw attention once more to their album in 2014, when the release of "All I Want" as a single came upon.

However, it wasn’t a great success, as the album actually dropped in charts at the end of 2014, compared to the end of 2013. On the Irish Albums IRMA charts, it stood at the sixth place at the end of 2013. At the end of 2014 however, it had a slight drop, ranking only at position number ten.

The album "In a Perfect World", despite some negative reviews and critics throughout the years, meant a reinventing of the rock genre in Ireland, where it even got certified double Platinum.

It performed moderately well in several other places, getting certified Gold both in Switzerland and the United States. "All I Want" has had a lot of that merit, as it was one of the best tracks from the album, as fans stated.

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