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If you are searching for a quality pop-rock song for your piano today, you are in the right place.

Today we will enchant you with a song by a rock band - Far Away, by Nickelback.

The Canadian rock band Nickelback was formed in 1995 in Hanna and is composed of Chad Kroeger as the lead vocalist, Ryan Peake in charge with the guitar and keyboards, Mike Kroeger in charge with the bass, and drummer Daniel Adair.

The band sings mostly pop-rock, but they are very good at alternative rock and metal, hard rock or post-grunge.

Far Away is one of their most famous songs, released in February 2006.

The free Far Away piano sheet music was released as part of the band’s album named All the Right Reasons, and also included in the 2010 compilation album Now That's What I Call Love.

Once released, the song was very well received by the public and critics, peaked at number eight in the U.S, and encountered huge success.

The song was considered the "only real love song" by Nickelback, because, as Kroeger described it, the song is about "being in love" and goes deeply into this issue.

The interesting fact about the free Far Away piano sheets is that it was re-released in the UK in September 2008 and it reached number 40 in the UK singles chart.

Looking into its composition, Far Away was written in the key of B major, with a tempo of 67 beats per minute, changing into D major in the final chorus.

The song has also a music video, which was first released on VH1’s V-Spot.

The music video was filmed at Green Timbers Park in Surrey, British Columbia and it begins featuring the action when a phone is ringing while a couple is lying in bed.

We encourage you to try Far Away at your piano at home, now having all the materials at your disposal through our website.

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