Phil Collins - I Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try) sheet music

As you may have already seen, we can’t stay away from love, so whenever you look at the last added sheets, you will always find a love song, no matter the music genre of the song.

So today we are going to bring in front of you I Can't Stop Loving You, by Phil Collins.

Phil Collins is one of the most famous music artists, born in England and acting as a singer, drummer, record producer, actor, and songwriter.

He was part of the rock band Genesis, and after the disband he went on a solo career.

His most famous songs are One More Night, I Don’t Care Anymore, Two Hearts, or Another Day In Paradise.

Today we chose I Can't Stop Loving You, which is such an intense love song, released by Phil Collins in October 2002, as part of his album named Testify.

The free I Can't Stop Loving You piano sheet music was originally released by Leo Sayer in June 1978, part of his self-titled album.

When released in 1978, the song embraced unexpected success and was classified silver.

In its original version, the length of the free I Can't Stop Loving You piano sheets is of 3:28 minutes, and the version by Phil Collins has a length of 4:14 minutes.

The story behind the lyrics is beautiful and intense, saying to the loved one that he can’t and won’t stop loving her.

The beautiful question comes at the end of the refrain – "Why should I?"

The first difference we can feel between these incredible versions of the song is the tempo, which is slower in the original version and more intense in Collins’ one.

The instruments composing the song are the acoustic piano, synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and congas.

Piano tutorial and cover

I Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try) - Phil Collins piano tutorial

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