Sam Smith - Writing's On The Wall (Spectre Soundtrack) sheet music

Sam Smith is the author of the song we want to bring in front of you today - Writing's On The Wall.

Sam Smith, the English singer, and songwriter who rose to fame in 2012 released his debut studio album – In the Lonely Hour in May 2014 and is known for his singles La La La and Lay Me Down.

He won four awards with his debut album and two nominations.

Smith has been active in the world of music since 2007, singing mostly pop, but being also very good at pop, R&B, and soul.

Looking at the free Writing's on The Wall piano sheets, we found out interesting facts and we are willing to share them with you.

Writing's On the Wall was released in September 2015, as part of Sam Smith’s theme songs made for the James Bond - Spectre movie.

The song was released as a digital single in September, through the Capitol label.

The length of the free Writing's on The Wall piano sheet music is of 4:38 minutes, and looking into its composition, it was released as an orchestral pop.

The song was written by Smith and Jimmy Names, with the incredible production of Steve Fitzmaurice and Disclosure.

The song was composed in the key of F minor and has a tempo of 66 beats per minute.

Once released, the song received mixed reviews from critics, because it was unavoidable to be compared with the previous Bond Themes.

Writing's On the Wall was described as a "very, very slow and surprisingly restrained, at times floating by on resonant piano notes, the faintest brushstroke of an orchestra, with all the focus on Smith's intense, tremulous vocal, rising with controlled pace and tension to an audacious chorus pay-off", by Neil McCormick of The Daily Telegraph.

Nevertheless, the song became the first Bond movie theme to reach number one in the UK Singles Chart and number 10 in many European countries.

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Piano tutorial and cover

Writing's On The Wall (Spectre Soundtrack) - Sam Smith piano tutorial

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