Foster the People - Fire Escape sheet music

"Fire Escape" is one of the songs of the band Foster The People from the album Supermodel, the second studio album of the band.

The album was released on March 14, 2014, and recorded from January 2012 to December 2013.

The album includes eleven tracks. The last one from the track list is "Fire Escape". Free piano sheet music for "Fire Escape" is available online, for the band’s fans or for any piano player that would like to play the song. The score for "Fire Escape" is arranged for piano, guitar and vocals.

On the first line Mark confesses that he likes

to stick to walls

Observing conversations and lifting them when they fall

He prefers to stay out and observe. He claims to be "a fire escape" like a wallflower.

For the next lyrics he used a metaphor comparing his body to a fire escape, where his blood is like the red paint and his spine like the stairs:

my spine's made of iron

My heart pumps that old red paint

On the second verse he complains about changes, about how great celebrities have been fading away and the new ones are getting all the attention:

I see the seasons change

All the young faces come and replace the dying ones

On the third verse he is expressing the hope he had for Los Angeles to change in a better place, despite every beauty that the city still has. He sadly seen the city in a bad situation:

Los Angeles, I've been waiting for you

To pick yourself up and change

The city you've made, this ocean and sand

Is founded on liars and self made men

Through his life in L.A. Mark had seen many artists and people with big dreams but not all of them achieved their goals. He uses again a very plastic expression:

I've watched the dreamers find their legs

And I've seen the ones that come get reduced to bones and rags

Mark uses the idea of "leg" as something upright, when the dream came true, and on the other side he is referring at "bones and rags" as the ones who have done all their best but they still didn’t achieved their dreams.

It doesn’t matter if you just started to play the piano or you are a real master, "Fire Escape" free piano sheet music will help you to develop you knowledge and it is an opportunity to apply any skills that you got. And don’t forget, "Fire Escape" piano tabs can be transposed to any other key, besides the original one.

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