Kenny G - Forever In Love sheet music

Today we are talking about a song by Kenny G.

Forever In Love that was released by him in 1993.

Kenny G is an American smooth jazz saxophonist.

The artist debuted in 1986 with his first album named Duotones and reached incredible commercial success.

He is one of the best-selling artists of all time, and we thought of bringing him on our website also.

Forever In Love was released by Kenny G in January 1993, as part of his album Breathless.

The free Forever In Love piano sheet music is an instrumental song, released as a single, with a length of 4:58 minutes.

The song is considered part of the smooth jazz music genre, was written by Kenneth Bruce Gorelick and produced by Kenny G.

Forever In Love was released by the Arista records label.

When released, the free Forever In Love piano sheets topped the US and the Canadian adult contemporary charts and won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition at the 1994 ceremony.

Forever In Love reached number 9 in Canada and 49 in Australia.

The song is incredibly romantic, sending a very lovely message as the title says - Forever In Love.

It talks about one of the most wonderful feelings ever – love, which would be incredible to last forever.

The feeling of being in love and having butterflies in the stomach is unique and transposes every person into another world, where the birds are singing all day long, the grass is greener, the sky is blue and the colors are sharp.

The song has also a music video, featuring Kenny G as the performer.

The music video features the main characters, a couple as children and over the years, the same couple as adults.

Because of the greatness of the song, we decided to have available on our website all the materials you need to try playing Forever In Love at your piano at home.

It would be lovely if you tried and came back with your feedback.

Piano tutorial and cover

Forever In Love - Kenny G piano tutorial

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