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One of the most famous names in the music world is The Beatles.

They were an English rock band, formed in Liverpool in 1960.

They were and still are the most influential band of all time, which is not little.

Many of you already know thousands of songs by the Beatles and maybe also today’s song – Michelle.

Michelle is one of their greatest songs and was released in 1965 as part of The Beatles’ album named Rubber Soul.

The story of the song is that it was composed principally by Paul McCartney, with the middle eight co-written with John Lennon.

Looking into the free Michelle piano sheet music composition, we see that is considered a love ballad, with part of its lyrics sung in French.

The song has a length of 2:40 minutes and is part of the pop music genre.

The song was released by the Parlophone records label.

Michelle was released as a single in many European countries and was a number 1 hit for the band in Belgium, France, Norway, and New Zealand.

The song was covered by many famous artists and those versions got on top of the charts also.

The free Michelle piano sheets have a wonderful instrumental composition, with the origins in the popularity of Parisian Left Bank culture. In McCartney’s declaration, the song:

was at the time of people like Juliette Greco, the French bohemian thing

The instruments present in the song are piano, guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.

The interesting thing about Michelle is that each version of the song has a different length, the UK mono one is 2:33 minutes, the stereo version is 2:40 and the US mono is 2:43.

The song had amazing success and still is one of the most loved songs of the Beatles.

Because of its success, Michelle was covered by many other artists – such as David and Jonathan, Billy Vaughn, or Andy Williams. Michelle was also used in media, TV shows, and commercials.

Today we have this beautiful song available on our page, so do not hesitate to learn how to play it on your piano at home.

Piano tutorial and cover

Michelle - The Beatles piano tutorial

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