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Known under the stage name Nea, Anna Linnea Sodahl is a Swedish singer and songwriter.

She has written until today various songs for Zara Larsson, Twice, Axwell, and many other famous artists.

Nea has placed number one as a singer many times and her songs have received over a billion streams on Spotify so far.

Among her greatest songs, we are going to talk today about Some Say, by Nea.

The free Some Say piano sheet music was released on 6 September 2019, as her debut single.

Once released, Some Say reached enormous success among fans, the public, and critics.

The song reached number one in Belgium, Poland, and Slovakia and the top ten in Austria, Norway, Hungary, Denmark, Romania, and Switzerland.

Because of its success, Some Say has been covered by many famous artists and it is considered to interpolate Eiffel 65's Blue (Da Ba Dee).

Looking at the free Some Say piano sheets composition, we are enchanted by great rhythm, vocals, bass, synthesizer, drums, keyboards, and great mixing engineering.

The story behind the lyrics is looking at Nea singing about unrequited love.

The song was inspired by some events that she heard about from a friend of hers.

When the moment for Nea to describe the song came, she declared that:

the song is about love that you can’t attain butt you can’t give up on.

She also explained the composition of the Some Say song, saying that the opening lyrics of the song describe the moment:

when you love someone so completely and the other person doesn’t feel the same thing, you just wanna put the blame on something else… The time, the timing, anything but unreturned love.

When releasing the music video for Some Say, Nea declared that:

it feels like this is an amazing adventure that I want to take as far as possible.

The video transmits amazing energy, and features a different type of couples spending lovely times together.

Nea declared that:

we wanted to make the video as real as possible. So we cast real couples instead of actors. I think it shines through in the video that their love is honest and that their stories and struggle to get to that love are real.

The good news is that today we have all the information and sheets about Some Say available on our website, so do not hesitate to try playing it at your piano at home.

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