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"FourFiveSeconds" is one of the numerous songs played by the international artist Rihanna, together with Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

The song has greater importance due to the fact that it was especially interpreted for Rihanna’s eight album.

The artists that contributed to the creation of the song were Kanye, McCartney, Mike Dean, Dave Longstreth and Noah Goldstein, together with other known names like from Kirby Lauryen, Ty Dolla Sign, Dallas Austin and Elon Rutberg. Rihanna posted her song on her official website on January 24, after Kanye previewed it during iHeartMedia Music Summit, in January 2015.

As genre, Rihanna’s song may enter the category of soul pop or folk pop, and even though the original song has the background formed by instruments like guitar or organ, a piano version would sound great too, due to the strong notes the song is built of.

Rihanna and Kanye’s ways of playing the song "FourFiveSeconds", which were a little bit different than they used to before, attracted a lot of critical acclaim.

Also, the minimalist production of the song was received in the same manner.

On the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, the song was placed on the fourth position, which was considered to be a high achievement for a song that was just released few time before.

In this way, Rihanna obtained her twenty sixth song that was positioned among the top ten songs on the chart. In addition, on the US Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, "FourFiveSeconds" was positioned on the first place, position that the song was placed on also in Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg and Australia.

Also, in France, the UK and Canada, the song was in top three on numerous charts.

Talking about good words about the song and the artists that came from critics, it is important to mention that Peter Kandunias appreciated the vocals that the singers used and also how the famous McCartney played the instruments for the song. Jim Farber of New York Daily News also said that it was a successful collaboration of the artists, appreciating mostly Rihanna’s awesome voice.

All these being said, to which there could be added many more praising words, it seems that there was a successful collaboration of the writers and the singers.

And as the instruments played an important role in the above mentioned success, according to the public’s reactions and critics, a trial of playing the song as a piano melody would probably constitute an amazing experience. The free piano sheet is found here, so there is only your desire needed to get started.

Just play the beautiful piano notes and feel the song as it vibes.

Piano tutorial and cover

FourFiveSeconds - Rihanna piano tutorial

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