Rebecca Black - Friday sheet music

Rebecca Black is an American singer and YouTuber, born in California in 1997, who got viral on social media because of her single Friday.

She uploads videos on YouTube on various topics and she is a very successful artist.

Friday got out on the 10th of February 2011 and went viral immediately. The song is part of the pop genre, has a length of 3:30 minutes, and was re-released on the 16th of September with the music video rap version.

It was premiered as a single on iTunes in March 2011 and had amazing success, even if at first it got a negative reception. Then it became a cult classic, covered by many well-known artists and showmen.

Friday had today been viewed on YouTube more than 30 million times, peaked at number 38 on US Hot Digital Songs, and entered at number 72 on Billboard Hot 100.

Friday music video was originally removed from YouTube on the 16th of June due to legal disputes between ARK Music and Rebecca. Anyway, by then the video had already reached more than 166 million views. Therefore, after that scandal, Friday was re-released on the 16th of September the same year and again uploaded on YouTube.

Because Friday got so popular, there were a lot of showmen who did many parody videos and remixes after it.

Friday is a very good sign that nowadays, social media has tremendous power and it influences a lot. The song was "helped" by Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Looking into the free Friday piano sheets you can acknowledge that the song uses the 50s progression, it is performed in the key of B major at a tempo of 112 beats per minute.

About the lyrics, you can already guess from the title and the story of the song, that are very simple and about a very basic story, Rebecca as a teenager, doing different kinds of activities like going to school or eating and being happy that it is Friday. We all know that the weekend is the most awaited time for everyone.

Now you can find the free Friday piano sheet music on our website and have fun with it at your own piano.

Piano tutorial and cover

Friday - Rebecca Black piano tutorial

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