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Foo Fighters is an American rock band, that was formed in Seattle in 1994.

The band started with Dave Grohl as a one-man show, after the dissolution of Nirvana.

Foo Fighters' name came from a nickname regarding an aerial phenomenon they saw in these times.

They were very successful, won 12 Grammy Awards, and many other prizes.

My Hero is one of their greatest songs, released in 1998 and being part of the album named The Colour and the Shape.

It was released as their third single from their second album and reached the top of the charts immediately.

The free My Hero piano sheets reached number 6 on the US Billboard, won gold in Australia and Silver in the UK, also topped number 6 in the US Alternative Songs chart.

The song is part of the Alternative rock genre and it has been played live for the first time in 1995.

My Hero has a lot of versions out there, like for example the live one recorded in Amsterdam in February 2000, or the live version recorded at the Wembley Stadium in June 2008.

The meaning of the lyrics is about the normal, ordinary heroes that you see every day.

Looking into the free My Hero piano sheet music, you can see the composition of it made out of a bass drum, hi-hat, snare drum, and crash cymbals.

The music video is directed by Dave Grohl and it shows a man running into a burning building to rescue a baby, a dog, and being so brave, as a hero.

The odd thing in the video is that the baby’s and dog’s eyes are blocked out in order to show that they represent people in need everywhere.

You can find the materials on our website and we strongly recommend you try playing it on your own piano at home, as it is a great song.

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My Hero - Foo Fighters piano tutorial

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