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Lukas Graham is a Danish band, consisting of four members: Lukas Forchhammer, Mark Falgren, Kasper Daugaard, and Magnus Larsson.

Their first album was released in 2012, and it was named Then We Take the World. They belong to the pop-soul genre and have been active since 2011 until the present.

7 Years is a song from their second album, Lukas Graham. & Years was released on the 18th of September 2015, being part of the soul-pop genre and having a length of 3 minutes and 59 seconds.

The song was uploaded on YouTube on the 17th of November 2015 and it had amazing success in many countries. They got in the charts with this song in Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada.

It was nominated for three Grammy Awards, Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. It was the most successful song of 2016 worldwide.

7 Years was written by Lukas Forchhammer, Stefan Forrest, Morten Ristorp, and Morten Pilegaard and produced by Stefan Forrest and Morten Ristorp.

The song and the vibe are sad enough and it is about a boy’s life and the pieces of advice he got from his family and friends when he was 7 years old. As the artist said, it is a song about "growing older", and what you gain with you during this life road.

The music video was released on the 15th of December 2015, and it had a length of 4 minutes.

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