Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now sheet music

Johnny Nash brought one of his songs to our table today, so let’s dive in, to find out more details about I Can See Clearly Now.

Johnny Nash was an American singer and songwriter, singing mainly reggae, but also pop music genres.

He was one of the first non-Jamaican artists to record this kind of music.

Among his most famous songs, we can name the free I Can See Clearly Now piano sheet music, A Teenager Sings the Blues, or Let’s Move and Groove Together.

I Can See Clearly Now is a song released by Johnny Dash in June 1972, as part of his album of the same name - I Can See Clearly Now.

The original song was written, produced, and recorded by Johnny Cash as a reggae, R&B, and soul music genre song, but due to its success, the song has been covered by many other famous artists.

When released, the free I Can See Clearly Now piano sheets achieved number one in the US Billboard Hot 100 and Cash Box charts, and it received positive comments from the critics and public.

I Can See Clearly Now reached number one in Canada and South Africa, and the most notable versions being the hit version by Lee Towers in 1982 and the one by Jimmy Cliff in 1993.

The song composition is at about 2:45 minutes in its original version and it was released through Epic studios.

I Can See Clearly Now has an incredible rhythm and vibe, as much as to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Johnny Nash’s voice warms our hearts every time, even more in such a beautiful song with these incredible lyrics:

I can see clearly now the rain is gone

I can see all obstacles in my way

Here is that rainbow I've been praying for

It's gonna be a bright/ Bright sunshiny day

Don’t hesitate to play at your piano at home, and make everyone stand up even if they are not in the right mood.

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