Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man sheet music

Today’s song was written by a big name in the music industry, Leonard Cohen.

He was a Canadian artist, born in September 1934 and left us in November 2016.

The artist was dedicated to family, religion, politics, death, romanticism, and sexuality.

Cohen started his music career in 1955 and never ended his activity until he died. His most favorite music genres were folk and soft rock.

I'm Your Man is one of his most interesting songs, written and composed by him.

The song was first released in February 1988, as part of his album with the same name – I’m Your Man.

It was the second single from the album. Unfortunately, the song failed to chart anywhere.

It was only after Leonard Cohen died when the song reached number 57 in France.

When released, the free I'm Your Man piano sheets attracted all the romantic souls, with the help of Leonard’s Cohen voice and rhythm, and also the unicity of the lyrics.

The story behind the lyrics is an encyclopedia of what a man could ever be, and if the lover wants any version of it, he can be the man.

The interesting fact is that he says he can be good but also bad:

If you want a boxer
I will step into the ring for you
And if you want a doctor
I'll examine every inch of you

The story behind the free I'm Your Man piano sheet music is, by his saying, that it was really hard for him to write it:

I sweated over that one. I really sweated over it. I can show you the notebook for that

So it is not always a successful way to write an amazing song, as we can see.

I'm Your Man has an interesting melodic line, and helped by his voice, the song has a complex instrumental composition, including drum machines, percussion, synclavier, synths, guitar, oud, and violin.

All the needed information in order to play this song is available on our website, so you can try it on your piano for your lover.

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