Yiruma - Kiss the Rain sheet music

Sometimes, even if you are talking about a cover or the original song, lyrics or a plain melody song, you may feel the same or even better.

We should all admit that some covers are far better from the originals and the other way around, so there is the reason why we chose to present to you today the timeless Kiss The Rain by Yiruma, a wonderful piece, without any voice or lyrics.

Yiruma is a South Korean pianist and composer, active in the music world since 2001, with nine released albums so far.

Yiruma’s name literally translates to "I shall achieve", so he was a promising pianist from the early age of 5.

His work concentrates on incredible covers and also original pieces - new-age and piano music genres, through which he succeeds in sending an incredible message to the entire world.

Yiruma’s Kiss The Rain was released through Universal Studios in October 2003, as part of his album named Yellow Room.

The free Kiss The Rain piano sheets come in a length of 4:16 minutes and are worldwide known for being part of the soundtrack for the Korean film A Millionaire's First Love.

The song is considered part of the new-age music genre, but also a sweet lullaby, and it was released as part of the artist’s third studio album named Yellow Room.

Once released, the song instantly became Yiruma’s most famous single.

Kiss the Rain is a soft, beautiful melody and the story behind the song is about the statement – I love you but you have never loved me.

Looking into the free Kiss the Rain piano sheet music composition, we see that the song has a typical verse-chorus structure and it was composed in A major.

We will sum up by saying that Yiruma’s song is one of the most popular works for solo piano and it deeply incorporates his signature style through the lullaby theme and sensitive atmosphere.

Piano tutorial and cover

Kiss the Rain - Yiruma piano tutorial

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