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It is impossible to not know one of the world’s most famous games – Super Mario, so mainly because we wanted a relaxing afternoon, we thought of honouring one of your requests – the free Super Mario Bros piano sheets Theme.

The musical theme is also known as Ground Theme or Overworld Theme and it was originally heard in the first stage of the Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Mario Bros.

The theme was composed by Koji Kondo and it is one of the six themes composed for the game.

Looking into the free Super Mario Bros piano sheet music composition, we learn that it was composed in the key of C major and it features a swung rhythm and includes the use of Syncopation.

The theme was composed at a tempo of 226 beats per minute.

It includes six tracks and it was composed on a small keyboard, according to Koji Kondo.

It is often scored as a calypso song, led by steel drums and it is worldwide recognized as one of the best music themes in the games industry.

Koji Kondo is a very famous Japanese music composer, music director and pianist, working for the video game company Nintendo.

He is famous for being involved in many contributions in the Super Mario game and The Legend of Zelda series and his work is known among the most memorable musical themes in video games.

Super Mario was first performed live on All Night Nippon in 1986.

The music theme by Kondo embraced worldwide success, this is why it has been featured in many concerts, including "PLAY! Chicago", the Columbus Symphony, the Mario & Zelda Big Band Live, A Video Game Symphony and many others.

It is interesting to say that for decades, Nintendo had not published official sheet music for Kondo's compositions.

The good news is that, in 2011, Alfred Music published three officially licensed music folios of the music from Super Mario Bros. for piano and guitar

Piano tutorial and cover

Super Mario Bros - Koji Kondo piano tutorial

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