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Today we are bringing on our website another Tori Amos song - Silent All These Years.

Tori Amos was born in August 1963 and she is an American artist, acting as a pianist, singer and songwriter since 1979.

She is a classical musician, recognized by her mezzo-soprano vocal range, who began composing instrumental songs on piano and is very appreciated by the public and critics.

Tori Amos sings mainly feminism themed songs, politics, sexuality and religion and plays the piano, harpsichord and Hammond organ.

The artist was the youngest person ever to have been admitted, at the early age of five, at the Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University.

She sings mostly alternative rock, pop-rock, and chamber pop and she plays the piano in a wonderful manner.

If you don’t know the free Silent All These Years piano sheets, we strongly recommend you to try playing it at your piano at home, as it is an amazing song.

The song was written and produced by Tori Amos together with Eric Rosse, and released on 11 February 1991 in the UK and on 3 February 1992 in AUS, as the second single from the artist’s debut studio – Little Earthquakes.

The interesting fact about the free Silent All These Years piano sheet music is the "bumblebee piano tinkle", as Amos calls it, is the most recognizable part of the song.

The inspiration for the song came from reading The Little Mermaid story, by Hans Christian Andersen.

The song is represented by a beautiful music video, which was also the first of the artists’ solo career.

The music video was shot y Cindy Palmano in a period of two years and it was nominated for Breakthrough Video, Best Cinematography in a Video, Best New Artist in a Video and Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1992.

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Silent All These Years - Tori Amos piano tutorial

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