James Bond 007 - Live And Let Die sheet music

"Live and Let Die" is a song intended for the James Bond movie "Live and Let Die".

It is featured as the main title theme for the movie James Bond 007. The writers of the song were Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney and was originally interpreted by the band Wings. It was a great single for McCartney’s band and a great theme for a James Bond, the best one at that moment.

The song was released on the first of June 1973 in the UK, released on the 18th of June in the United States as well. The format for the song’s release was 7 inch single and the recording took place in October 1972.

"Live and Let Die" is a symphonic rock song released by the Apple label, produced by George Martin. The song was ultimately certified Gold by the RIAA on the 31th of August, 1973. It reached the second place on the US Billboard Hot 100. In the United Kingdom, it peaked at the ninth place on the UK Singles Charts.

This song has been covered by many musical acts, the Guns N’ Roses version being the most famous one. The original version, as well as the Guns N’ Roses one, were nominated for a Grammy Award. The story of the song is that McCartney was asked to write the theme song and he got into the movie by reading the novel.

Thinking good things about the book, he decided to write the song and started the very next week to do so. There is another version of the song included in the movie, made by B. J. Arnau.

"Live and Let Die" was first included on one of Paul McCartney’s albums in 1978, when the compilation "Wings Greatest" came out. It was then included later on the "All the Best!" album. It was nominated for a Grammy Award, for the category Best Original Song.

The song has charted well worldwide, reaching rank 91 on the UK charts at the end of the 1973 and 56 on the US Billboard Hot 100 year-end charts.

In Australia, it reached the fifth place, in Canada second, in Germany number 31, in Japan 25, in the Netherlands 29 and second in Norway.

"Live and Let Die" by Paul McCarney and the Wings is an interesting choice for the piano, being a well-known song due to the James Bond movie. Enjoy the free sheets listed down below!

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Live And Let Die - James Bond 007 piano tutorial

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