Ace of Base - Living In Danger sheet music

Ace of Base presents today one of their great songs - the free Living In Danger piano sheets.

Going back to 1990, when Ace of Base was formed, we can name the first members of the Swedish band - Jonas, Linn and Jenny Berggren.

The band sings mostly pop songs, Europop and dance music genres and is considered one of the best-selling music bands.

Their debut album - Happy Nation was released in 1992, embraced incredible success and it was certified nine times platinum in the US.

Among their best songs, we can name Beautiful Life, Lucky Love, Cruel Summer and the free Living In Danger piano sheet music.

Living In Danger was released by Ace of Base in October 1994, as part of the band’s debut album named Happy Nation.

It is the fourth single of the album and once released, the song peaked at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US, topped the American dance chart, and peaked at number 10 on the Cash Box Top 100.

The song was released through Arista studios as a dance and reggae music genre song, with the strong message of "living on your own", as Jonas Berggren said.

Another important message the band wanted to send through Living In Danger, is regarding the social pressure to engage in behaviors like smoking and drinking.

With a length of 3:10 minutes in its original single version, Living In Danger begins with a reggae rhythm, a contagious hook and very interesting vocals.

The song is represented by an interesting music video, directed by Matt Broadley.

The music video was filmed in Kungsträdgårdens tunnel bana which is an underground metro station in Stockholm.

It opens with the band members, each of the following one of four people into the underground metro - a priest, a war veteran, a female worker of the station and a woman with paranoia.

The video ends with Joker and Buddha leaving the metro station together.

Please take a while and relax at your piano at home, playing Living in Danger, as starting from today, we made it available for you on our website.

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Living In Danger - Ace of Base piano tutorial

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