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We are pleased to introduce Peter Auty’s single for today’s article – the free Walking in the Air piano sheet music.

Peter Auty was born in 1969 in England and he has been active in the music world since he was 13.

He is an operatic tenor and has worked with almost all opera companies from Britain and some from Europe.

Peter Auty was a choirboy who sang at St Paul’s Cathedral and he sang Walking In The Air at the age of 13.

The song is actually the theme song of the animated movie named The Snowman, and it was released in 1982 as a Christmas music, orchestral pop and choral music genre song.

Walking In The Air was written and composed by Howard Blake for The Snowman and it is based on Raymond Briggs’ 1978 children’s book.

The centerpiece of The Snowman is formed by the free Walking In The Air piano sheets, telling the story of the fleeting adventures of a boy and a live snowman.

The boy and the snowman fly together to the North Pole and they embrace unexpected adventures with Father Christmas, Reindeers and all the winter elements we can name.

This beautiful story is described in Walking In The Air through a length of 3:30 minutes and manages to send an incredibly nice feeling to its listeners.

Due to the fact that the song is very popular, we can find a diversity of recordings of it, for example – Aled Jones – 1985, Andrew Johnston – 2008, Kenny Loggins – 1998, Placido Domingo, Westlife and many more.

The song has also been featured in Ernie and his Rubber Ducky, a Toys R Us advertising campaign and the ITV TV Special The Nation’s Favorite Christmas Song.

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