Sandi Patty - Via Dolorosa sheet music

Bold and very beautiful try for our website collection today – we brought you the free Via Dolorosa piano sheets, by Sandi Patty.

This song was a request from your side and we proudly added it to our multitude of incredible and unique songs.

Sandy Patty was born in July 1956 in Oklahoma and has been inspiring us with her amazing voice since 1978, as a singer, soprano and composer.

Patty has a wide soprano vocal range, with expressive flexibility and sings contemporary Christian and inspirational music genres, and plays the piano.

It was not by chance how we chose the free Via Dolorosa piano sheet music for today’s article, but because it was a request from one of our followers, to who we are grateful.

The song’s title means The Way of Suffering and comes from a street in the Old City of Jerusalem, known to be the path Jesus walked on the way to his Crucifixion.

Due to this fact, the term has been frequently used to refer to a road connecting to death or war memorials.

Via Dolorosa was released by Sandi Patty in 2008 through her Easter Compilation Album.

The song comes in a length of 4:30 minutes and it was produced by Greg Nelson, and written by Billy Sprague and Niles Borop.

The inspiration for this song came from the moment Sandy Patty heard the song and said she wanted to record it.

The artist claimed that "When 'Via Dolorosa' came along my path, I was just blown away because it did just that".

Via Dolorosa is an incredible representation and example of how great Sandi Patty’s vocals can be and what feeling she is able to send through her voice.

The song is a great choice to play at your piano at home and for that, you already have all the information you need on our website.

Piano tutorial and cover

Via Dolorosa - Sandi Patty piano tutorial

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