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"Made in Heaven" is the title of Freddy Mercury’s third single and his fourth release as a solo artist. Mercury is the lead singer of Queen, their later version including Brian May as the lead guitarist and John Deacon on the bass guitar, as well as drummer Roger Taylor.

The song was initially paired with "She Blows Hot and Cold" and was slightly edited.

The single reached 57th place on the UK Singles Chart and was described as a "brand new track".

In the 1995, after Freddy Mercury died, the song title was given to the posthumous album "Made in Heaven". The track was re-recorded along with the song "I Was Born to Love You" on a new instrumental but with the former vocals.

Davil Mallet directed the music video as well as other five Queen clips and the single "I Was Born to Love You".

To remake scenes from Stravinskij's "The Rite of Spring" and Dante's "Inferno", they had to replicate a Royal Opera house in a warehouse in northern London because normal studios didn’t have a roof high enough.

The scene that made the music video so remarkable was the singer standing on top of a 67-foot tall rotating globe in the last part. Mercury also had a similar outfit as the one he wore for Queen’s song "Radio Ga Ga".

Listed below is the free piano sheet for Queen’s "Made in Heaven". Enjoy and stay tuned for more piano material to come here.

Piano tutorial and cover

Made in Heaven - Queen piano tutorial

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