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"My First Kiss" is an electropop song by Americans 3OH!3, featuring Kesha.

Getting included on 3OH!3’s third album, "Streets of Gold", it’s been made the lead single on the fourth of May, 2010. The music writers were Sean Foreman, Lukasz Gottwald, Benny Blanco and Nathaniel Motte, produced by Benny Blanco alongside Dr. Luke, Emily Wright being in charge of the vocal edit.

The initial production didn’t include Kesha, but the producers thought a woman’s voice would do well on the song and so they contacted her.

"My First Kiss" includes electro bleeps and beatbox sounds, as well as power pop elements and is about a crush and the desire to kiss a girl’s lips.

The song has received mixed reviews, Kesha being firstly praised for being "cheeky and a tad tipsy", while the band was deemed "irritating" by Digital Spy. A similarity to 3OH!3’s previous songs, especially "Don’t Trust Me" was considered to be negative and unoriginal. Some positive reviews existed as well, the song being called "catchy".

"My First Kiss" started on the ninth place in the US, on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and ninth was as high as it got, even though it even got certified Gold by the RIAA in the US. In Canada, the single reached seventh and became Platinum, selling well in Australia as well, where it also got Platinum status. The single can also brag with getting seventh on the UK charts.

The New York music video involved many nice transitions, being mostly about random people kissing, involving many actors. The style characteristic of 30H!3 hasn’t changed much, MTV praising it for its simplicity, which brought it an "undeniable charm".

"My First Kiss" by 3OH!3 and Kesha is now available for the piano as well thanks to the free piano sheet music that you can download here.

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My First Kiss - 30H!3 piano tutorial

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