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Let us enchant you today with the free Only Time piano sheets, a song created and sung by Irish new-age singer Enya, recorded and released by her at the end of the year 2000.

The single was featured on her fifth and most successful album, named A Day Without Rain.

Only Time has been released the same day that the album got released, and embraced unexpected success, being loved by the fans and public.

Enya’s philanthropy has made her donate all earnings from the single’s selling to the Uniform Firefighters Association Widows’ and Children’s Fund, to ease the pain created by the terrorist event on September the 11th 2001.

Only Time has been used by NBC in order to promote their TV show Friends, such exposure aiding the song is becoming more known throughout the world, as Friends was a global phenomenon.

The free Only Time piano sheet music became a radio hit, ranking in the top 40 radio charts and being used in media and TV shows.

The song was also used in the soundtrack for the movie Sweet November, Only Time has become Enya’s biggest hit in the US, where it reached the tenth place on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and even topped the adult contemporary charts.

The music video made for Only Time has had moderate success, presenting Enya singing in the rain, having been directed by Graham Fink, and released in 2000, soon after the album’s release.

Only Time has been remixed by the Swiss American Federation, Nicky Ryan helping produce 2 remixes, a S.A.F. Remix, as well as a S.A.F. Pop Radio Remix.

Enya’s song has also been covered by Keedie, who included it on her album, also by Twelve Girls Band, Jackie Evancho, Brian McFadden and Pyramid Scheme, among others.

The song that has topped the charts in Canada, Germany and Switzerland, is a great song to be played on the piano as well.

Piano tutorial and cover

Only Time - Enya piano tutorial

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