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Maroon 5 is an American pop-rock band from California, consisting of Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, James Valentine, Matt Flynn, PJ Morton and Sam Farrar.

They started being active in 1994 and they still are. They sing mostly pop, pop-rock, soft rock and alternative rock.

Memories is a song from nowadays, part of the album named Single by Maroon 5.

The song was released on September 20th, 2019, and is the lead single from their seventh album.

The song belongs to the pop genre, it was composed by Adam Levine and it also has a very nice music video.

The music video was released on October 8th, 2019 on YouTube and has reached over 570 million views until now.

Regarding the charts, Memories reached the top in many countries like Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil and so on.

The timing made this song to be the last single with the bassist Mickey Madden, who announced he is going to leave the band in 2020, because of his arrest.

Memories is also kind of a sad song, dedicated to anyone who has ever experienced loss, as Adam Levine declared.

The song was about them losing their band manager, Jordan Feldstein, who died on December 22nd , 2017.

Loss is very damaging for each and every person who goes through this and music has always been a good way of managing it.

Listening to the free Memories piano music sheet, you understand the story that Maroon 5 wanted to tell us, like Adam said:

In a world that's increasingly chaotic and crazy and angry in a lot of ways... rather than fight about things, it's nice to have common ground and all of us have had loss... and celebrate them too, which I think it's important

The melody composition from Memories is from Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel.

Try the free Memories piano sheets on our website and see how it sounds.

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Memories - Maroon 5 piano tutorial

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